║ T H E • P L A N ║

I’m on a mission to carve out tiny slices of the internet and turn them into cash-pumping machines and I want you to come along.


Every three months, I start a new micro niche project. I spend 1,000 hours (12 hours per day) and put in $1,000 to build each of these projects. The aim is to build as many of these as possible and have them pay me monthly dividends. Ideally, I’d like each website to pay me $500 – $1,000 on autopilot per month after 3 months of building and ranking them on Google. Then I’ll move on to the next project. I’ll be documenting all of this and posting it here for you to see and for me to keep track of everything.


I want multiple streams of autopilot income, Search traffic is the best way to get targetted traffic on autopilot, and I also get bored of shit I’m working on easily so three months per project is perfect. It costs too much to compete for bigger niches because all the big companies already have them covered. But the internet’s full of hidden gems in the form of microniches. I want to dig those up and make them pay me. It’s about finding something really specific, building a website that’s better than anything else in that niche, and ranking it to number one on Google to unlock that sweet, free, automatic traffic. 


Not for micro niche websites. The website that provides the most value will (almost) always be in the top three Google search results. by working on websites that the big companies deem too small to create, you remove most competition. Just find a niche, check the top three results and ask yourself if you could create a better website and do better SEO than them, then attack!


This blog isn’t just me talking at you. It’s about taking you with me. You’ll get to see all the behind-the-scenes shit, learn stuff from my successes and inevitable failures, and use it to make your own mark on the internet.

This blog is your ticket to seeing how all this stuff comes together. It’s not just about making websites; it’s about making a life where you don’t have to work a 9-5 job, It’s about freedom. And I’m not trying to sell you anything.

So, if you’re curious about how to make your own passive income streams on the internet, or just want to see how my projects take shape, stick around. We’re about to dive into all that, and it’s going to be a fucking blast

Let’s get it cracking